PieperPower Education Center

We would rather see you out on the trails, but the Education Center has lots to see as well! The Center is open Monday-Friday from 10:00am-2:00pm.

Front Desk

The volunteer front desk person is here to greet you and show you around the building! Have any questions about the land or what to do? They are there to lead you in the right direction!

Bug Wall

Walk down the hall of bugs! With 10 orders of insect species to gaze at, you can get an up-close look at some of our smallest inhabitants. All specimens you see on this wall were caught on property! These insects can be found in the forests, prairies, and wetlands throughout the year.

Live Animal Room (Dohmen Classroom)

This classroom holds many different animals that can be found on property or throughout Wisconsin! Get an up-close encounter with: Eastern Tiger Salamanders, Painted Turtle, Yellow Slider turtle, American Toads, Ornate Box Turtle, a Honeybee hive, Grey Tree Frogs, and Common and Butler’s Garter snakes.

Kitchen Tanks

Not all the animals are located in the Dohmen Classroom. You can find Myrtle, the Blandings Turtle, the crayfish condo (which houses five native crayfish species), and the pond tank (home to a bullhead fish, sunfish, and a leopard frog, green frog and bull frog).

Gear Shop

Located near the staff offices and next to the Dohmen Classroom, here you can look at all the different gear we sell. Don’t see the size or color you are looking for? Talk to a staff member or the front desk volunteer and they can take you to the online shop where you can order from. Represent MNP wherever you go!


Stuffed Animal Room (Haymen Classroom)

All the animals you see in here have been donated to us from different individuals and organizations. Although they are no longer living, they serve an important educational purpose of giving you a closer encounter to some animals you would generally not be able to see. Different bird species, white-tailed deer, foxes, and woodchuck line the walls and ceiling. There are also displays of nests and eggs for a variety of different birds.


Pop a squat in the library after your long hike! There are books and magazines for people of all ages, all on a variety of nature topics. The chairs and bean bags are there for you to rest while you read. You might also notice the timeline wall as you are sitting down. The boards on the wall have been recycled; they are all from nearby barns! The timeline shows the story of MNP, from the very beginning of time up until now. Read how history shaped how we view and interact with the environment.