Join the MNP Photography Club!

Interested in joining an active nature photography club?

Our club has been in existence for over two years.  It is open to photographers of all skill levels, beginner to professional.

The club meets on the third Tuesday of the month.  In the meetings, they  focus on a member or two discussing a particular topic that may be a skill builder such as night photography, post processing, or perhaps equipment such as tripod types and uses.  They also have members  show their photos, usually related to the earlier topic.  We will discuss the photos and indicate what we like and perhaps give positive opinions on improvements.

Photo competitions among members happen every month as well. The theme for each month is determined by MNP staff, and MNP staff picks the winner each month. 

Many times they do outdoor photography shoots as a group. Both at the Mequon Nature Preserve and other areas.

Below are photos taken by some of the members!

If you are interested in learning more about our club please contact Esha Pillai.