Tree by Tree Program

Looking for a meaningful way to remember a loved and to help grow a forest?

Click the Tree by Tree Brochure link to see how you can sponsor a tree! Then, fill out the form below! A ball and burlap tree starts at $700.00, and a tree certificate will be given to the donor and/or recipient. All other donations will go towards other tree purchase funds.

Email Kristin Gies at if you have any questions.

Once the tree is planted, you will receive a letter with the coordinates of your tree so you can visit it anytime. All trees are native to Southeastern Wisconsin and are planted by staff members and volunteers. Planting a tree not only helps build a forest, but is also a great way to help reduce your carbon footprint! Trees absorb carbon dioxide from the air, they improve the quality of the soil and air, provide habitat for many different organisms, and they preserve biodiversity. Let’s build a forest together!