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The Mequon Nature Preserve is a 501c3 non-profit; we need your support to keep our programs running! Support our various programs: Environmental Education, Land Restoration, Conservation Dogs, Research and Monitoring, or General Operations. All donations are tax-deductible. Learn about our Tree by Tree Program if you want to help plant a forest while honoring a loved one. Thank you to our sponsors and funders for supporting our mission!

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Our Programs

General Operations

Donations in this area help the overall mission of the organization and ensure we remain FREE for all.

Environmental Education

Every year, over 3,000 students from the Greater Milwaukee area step onto the land for FREE field trips. Students participate in field experiences which include: exploring the 3 main habitats here, abiotic pond monitoring, owl adaptations, birding, insects in the prairie, and many more! MNP also pays for busing students here if they come from MPS. Donations will help purchase supplies for field trips and provide busing to the schools in need!

Land Restoration

MNP is in the process of converting 510 acres of land from agriculture fields to a mosaic of forests, prairies, and wetlands. Every year, staff plants thousands of native tree species: from little tree saplings to up to larger 2.5 inch diameter ball and burlap trees. Staff works year-round removing different invasive plant species on property. Help us continue this vital work by donating so staff can purchase the necessary equipment!

Tilia and Timber the Conservation Dogs

Tilia and Timber are English Chocolate Labradors and are an important members of MNP’s staff! They assist us in monitoring indicator animal species and invasive plant species. Their work is on the cutting edge of conservation science! Donate to help continue their training!


Donations in this fund will go to a reserve account for future support only. Money donated to this fund will not be immediately used for current projects and programs.