Meet Tilia and Timber, MNP’s Conservation Dogs!

What is a Conservation Dog?

Conservation dogs are similar to drug sniffing dogs, but they sniff out invasive or native flora and fauna species instead! Researchers and conservationists use these dogs to find the presence and/or absence of a variety of flora or fauna species. Instead of humans running around and lifting logs and rocks in a habitat; a dog is able to carefully walk into the habitat and sniff the species out without moving anything!

Why a dog?

For years scientists have tried to replicate the power and efficiency of the canine nose. The results keep coming back the same: The canine nose is second to none. Coupled with an insatiable desire to work and serve, Tilia and Timber help us find things humans often can’t!

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Have an idea about what plant or animal Tilia or Timber could add to their scent library? Are you or your organization interested in hiring them? Contact Cory at!

Who is Tilia?

Tilia is a chocolate, English Field Labrador. Born in 2016, she is Wisconsin’s FIRST on-staff conservation dog. She assists us in monitoring animal species and eradicating invasive plants. Tilia’s work is on the cutting edge of conservation science!

Tilia’s scents: Blue-Spotted Salamander, Eastern Tiger Salamander, Wood Turtle, Wild Parsnip, and Garlic Mustard.

Who is Timber?

Timber is a chocolate, English Field Labrador. Timber is the offspring of Tilia’s sister. Born at the end of 2021, he is learning from Tilia on how to be a conservation dog! His powerful nose will be a key tool in MNP’s land restoration efforts here!

Timber’s scents: To be determined!