End of Year Report

Thank you to everyone who supported us this year! Support was shown in so many ways. From the volunteers, interns, hikers, those who came to our events, and those who donated; we are so thankful for all of you! We love seeing so many smiling faces enjoying the land…it means all our hard work is paying off! YOU help keep MNP OPEN and FREE!

We hope you have enjoyed the great outdoors and have felt the true healing powers a simple walk outside can do! And we also hope that your time outdoors and hopefully at Mequon Nature Preserve, becomes a part of your natural routines.

At Mequon Nature Preserve, the team’s primary purpose is to continue to welcome you! To Restore more land for you to Explore! To create new and exciting places for you to Discover….and continue to Play!

So let’s welcome 2024 with our whole hearts! We have lots of projects we will be working on! See you on the trails!

Click the link below to see what staff was up to!

MNP End of Year Report 2023

Watch the video to see what we were up to in 2022!